30 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Play Summit Game

Summit Game

Reach the Summit of each level in this pixelly platform jump & run game using arrow keys and X key but take care of the energy that you'll use it to climb.

Have fun with playing Summit Game Online

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Monster Truck Racing Game

Play Monster Truck Racing

Drive your truck around the tracks as you attempt to win the race against the computer Artificial intelligence racers.

Have fun with Monster Truck Racing

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Play Spartans to the Rescue

Spartans to the Rescue

Your people are arrested and is being killed, use your weapon in order to save them, please be quick because the time is limited, show your skills and courage in the Spartans game.

Have fun with Play Spartans to the Rescue

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Sift Heads World Act 6 Game

Sift Heads World Act 6 Game

After having their headquarters destroyed, Vinnie and his team try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack!

Have fun with Sift Heads World Act 6 Game Online

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Rare Treasures Dinnerware Trading Company

Download Rare Treasures Dinnerware Trading Company

You have inherited the Cavendish heirloom china company! Design rare china patterns from around the globe to restore the company.

Play the game Rare Treasures Dinnerware Trading Company Online

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28 Eylül 2010 Salı

Hardest Mario Game

Play Hardest Mario

It is the most difficult Mario game with unusual tricks and weird traps. Pay your attention on the game all the time. Otherwise, you'll lose within a second. Potential risks are everywhere. Slow down and enjoy the game!

Play the game Hardest Mario Game Online

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24 Eylül 2010 Cuma

Pirate's Heart Game

Play Pirate's Heart

Kill monsters, pick-up treasures and find your heart which you have sold the devil himself. The upgrade system allows you to spend coins for additional HP, strength, dexterity as well as special attacks.

Have fun with playing Play Pirate's Heart

Abandoned 3 Game

Abandoned 3

You were told to never come to this abandoned area on your own. Now something is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to assist escape the dark abandoned area. Best of luck and have a great time!

Play the game Abandoned 3 Game

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Play Mini Bike Craze

Mini Bike Craze

Attack the bugs that have surrounded you and also upgrade your character in this top down online action game. Ride your bike as you try to grab all of the stars in this awesome bike game.

Participate in Play Mini Bike Craze Online

Blissful Fairies

Play Blissful Fairies

Fairy mothers protect their babies here in this secure place until their time comes to be born! These little babies are all prepared to meet their completely new life, with only one click you can asist them get out! Make a group of minimum two similar babies and click on them!

Have fun with Play Blissful Fairies Online

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23 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Play Fresh Fashion Boutique

Fresh Fashion Boutique

Welcome to the magnificent fashion boutique. Here you can create wonderful outfits for all of your buddies.

Play the game Fresh Fashion Boutique

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Play Modern Room Escape

Play Modern Room Escape

In this game, you attempt to escape the room by simply finding objects and solve puzzles. Good luck and have some fun!

Have fun with playing Modern Room Escape Online

Madness Hydraulic

Madness Hydraulic Game

Attempt to stay alive as you take on wave after wave of Madness universe enemies. Install and upgrade turrets.

Have fun with playing Madness Hydraulic Online

22 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

ReflexION Game

Play ReflexION

Mouse to move, space to change the color. Reflect the bullets back at the enemies and make use of momentum to aim! Press shift key to fling bombs, use control key to activate super mode.

Have fun with ReflexION Game

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Sports Heads Tennis Game

Sports Heads Tennis

Sports Heads Tennis is a humorous mix of volleyball and tennis. Make use of arrow keys and space to move and swing your racket.

Have fun with playing Sports Heads Tennis Game Online

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21 Eylül 2010 Salı

Capn GoldGrubbers Treasure Hunt

Capn GoldGrubbers Treasure Hunt

Stick to your compass as you find and dig for treasure. Earn cash to upgrade your skills. Do not forget to conserve your energy.

Participate in Capn GoldGrubbers Treasure Hunt Online

Play Daria the Mermaid

Daria the Mermaid Game

Daria the mermaid likes to shop every day from the fancy underwater fashion shops and her closet can compete with that of any other stylish mermaid. Have a look at her newest additions to her pretty wardrobe and dress sweet Daria up.

Have fun with Daria the Mermaid Game Online

Play Flightless Dragons

Play Flightless Dragons

Clear the correct colored blocks in the right order to get all of the dragons to the pile of gems.

Have fun with playing Flightless Dragons

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Acorn Factory

Acorn Factory

Simply click on the items to physically interact with the acorns. Try to get the acorns to the exit.

Have fun with playing Play Acorn Factory Online

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Download Brrrmuda Triangle

Download Brrrmuda Triangle

Explore the sun-drenched, mystical island and freeze everything in your path. Make use of your trusty freeze ray to overcome the obstacles.

Participate in Brrrmuda Triangle Online

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20 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Gate Defence

Gate Defence Game

Command the Jabberwocky and guide the slimy creatures to safety through twenty-five weird levels featured in this bizarre realm of slim.

Play the game Gate Defence

Baby and Sitter Dress Up Game

Baby and Sitter Dress Up Game

Click the dress-up icons on the baby's mobile to get everybody dressed for the day! When you are done giving the baby and her sitter a new look, click Show button.

Play the game Play Baby and Sitter Dress Up

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19 Eylül 2010 Pazar



Construct defenders, attempt to get rid of the needed amount of enemies on each level, transfer your resources and upgrade your structures in this neat flash game.

Have fun with Play Incoming

Play PC Defense

PC Defense Game

Protect your PC in this perfectly balanced turret defence game! Place different turrents around the path, upgrade them or use special weapons!

Have fun with Play PC Defense

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18 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi

Play Uphill Farmer

Uphill Farmer

Ride your bike through various farms as you dodge sheep, cows, and run over chickens. Perform tricks!

Have fun with Uphill Farmer Game Online

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Download Victorian Mysteries Woman in White

Victorian Mysteries Woman in White Game

Who is this Woman in White and what's her secret? Examine Victorian mansions, look for clues, and discover the truth!

Have fun with playing Download Victorian Mysteries Woman in White Online

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Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

Play Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

An odd mansion will not discourage him, in the end Rupert is the best postman around! He must find a way to deliver his package! Perhaps Rupert shouldn't be so punctual and just run.. this house is quite strange and where exactly is this 'Earl Grey' guy? Best of luck and enjoy yourself!

Have fun with playing Play Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Online

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17 Eylül 2010 Cuma

Fludo Game

Fludo Game

Jump from platform to platform as you pick-up yellowish balls and red balls that affect gameplay.

Have fun with playing Play Fludo Game Online

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Ice Cream Girl Game

Play Ice Cream Girl

This beautiful fashionista sure loves going to the ice cream shop and even has a colourful chic wardrobe to sport when she enjoys her favourite dessert!

Play the game Ice Cream Girl Online

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Angel Land Game

Angel Land Game

The Angel Land Country is well known for its magic parks used for ceremonies and attractive gatherings. People come and decorate these parks before they give a celebration and now you have the opportunity to prepare a fabulous place for the tea party of these 5 cute baby angels of the country.

Have fun with playing Angel Land Online

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Play Beach Cocktail Bar

Beach Cocktail Bar Game

I've just swimmed and enjoyed the cool water of the blue sea and before I lay down on the hot sand, let me cool off some more with fresh and tasty drinks at this cocktail bar on the beach. Waitress! Will you please give me an icy orange cocktail! There's absolutely nothing better than an icy cocktail on the beach to cool off when the sun is up above.

Play the game Play Beach Cocktail Bar Online

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Global Gears Game

Global Gears

Race against the AI players in order to beat them and reach to the first place. Racing in 5 different countries, Bet cash on your race, win race and upgrade your car, buy brand-new cars with better controlling and road grip. Enjoy!

Have fun with Global Gears Online

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Play Mine Escape

Mine Escape

It's really sad to hear that someone was trapped inside the oil tank. Go ahead and attempt to rescue that person. Good luck Have fun.

Play the game Mine Escape Game Online

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Play Techtionary


Techtionary challenges you to use a database full of letters to produce as many words as possible. The more words you create, the more words fill up the digital gameboard. Create sufficient words and you'll be rocketed into the next stage.

Have fun with playing Techtionary Game Online

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16 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Six Chair Room Escape Game

Six Chair Room Escape

In Six Chair Room Escape game, you attempt to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play the game Six Chair Room Escape Game Online

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Shell Shock

Shell Shock

Fire your cannon at airplanes, parachutes, and boats. Keep enemies from boarding your battleship.

Have fun with playing Shell Shock Game Online

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Play Milk Run

Milk Run

Drive your milk truck as levels supply you with increasingly more bottles of milk. Keep the milk from spilling.

Have fun with Milk Run Game

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Play Polygon Reloaded

Polygon Reloaded Game

Try to stay alive as you play different game modes. Fight off polygonal enemies with many weapons.

Have fun with playing Polygon Reloaded Online

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Beach Day Hidden Numbers

Beach Day Hidden Numbers

This game is a game for those who like puzzle games. In this game you must find numbers which are hidden in numerous beach pictures.

Have fun with playing Play Beach Day Hidden Numbers Online

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Dearie Flower Elf

Play Dearie Flower Elf

This lovely flower elf dearie loves to play around with butterflies, bees and other insects. Make sure you dress her up with her stunning flower outfits and have some fun!

Have fun with playing Dearie Flower Elf Online

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Download Ski Resort Mogul

Ski Resort Mogul

Save your aunt's struggling ski resort from foreclosure by simply turning a couple of rickety cabins into a booming getaway!

Have fun with Ski Resort Mogul Online

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15 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

Play Catwalk Dressing

Catwalk Dressing Game

Select some fancy outfits for Wendy to model on the charity fashion catwalk.

Participate in Catwalk Dressing Online

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14 Eylül 2010 Salı

Smiley Up

Smiley Up Game

Buy and make use of the predetermined items to avoid the angry faces.

Have fun with playing Play Smiley Up

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Assembler Mobile 2 Game

Play Assembler Mobile 2

Drag and drop the barrels and patterns in order to get the green box to hold still within the green outline.

Have fun with Assembler Mobile 2 Game

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Star Apocalypse Game

Star Apocalypse

Place buildings as well as towers as you build troops in order to defeat the enemy base across the screen.

Participate in Star Apocalypse Game

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Prom Girl Makeup

Prom Girl Makeup

This cute girl is invited to the prom party tonight. She wants to be the prom queen. Make sure you help her do the make-up and choose the most stunning gown and make her the most fantastic girl of the night. Have some fun!

Have fun with Prom Girl Makeup

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Play Botwars Arena

Botwars Arena Game

Make it through as continuous wave of robots attacks you. Upgrade your gears and learn brand new abilities as you level up.

Play the game Play Botwars Arena

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Yummy Banana Split Game

Yummy Banana Split Game

Prepare a yummy banana split and choose the ice creams you prefer. You can decorate with different colours and different things to put on it.

Have fun with playing Yummy Banana Split Game Online

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13 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Pink Princess

Pink Princess Game

Which of this fabulous princess' rosy pink fantasy gowns, sparkling jewels and chic, colorful hair-styles would create the perfect fairytale look?

Play the game Pink Princess Game Online

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Birthday Girl Dress Up

Birthday Girl Dress Up Game

This is the most important moment for this young gorgeous lady. She is preparing for her birthday party. She’d like to look impressive on the special day and so she wants help from an expert with her clothing.

Participate in Play Birthday Girl Dress Up

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